Planted with an Established Presence and a Sending Posture

Jeremiah 17:7-8 reminds us that those who trust in the Lord are like trees planted by water, sending out their roots by the stream. In times of heat or drought, there is no need of fear because water is flowing abundantly.

Similarly our desire as a church is to trust in the Lord as he leads us, and even during troubling times, there is no need of fear because God provides.

The image for our PLANTED campaign is inspired by the shared root systems of Aspen trees. These trees represent the church and her respective church plants, connected by the roots which feed on the abundantly flowing water of the Word.

Each tree in this image is bowing in toward the sun, representing our desire to submit to THE Son, Jesus. This is his church, purchased with his blood.

Our desire during these next months is to follow God's leading to be an established PRESENCE in this city, preparing us to have a sending POSTURE. We want to be PLANTED in this city - deep roots growing from the foundation of Scripture.

Over the last ten years we have had the privilege of watching God do unbelievable work among us - changing lives, marriages, perspectives, heart affections/identities and relationships of all kinds - by the transformative power of the gospel. We desire to see this continue as God leads us forward in the purchase of the Harmony School.

About a year ago we put together a team of people from our church to begin thinking about the next steps for finding a permanent home. We compiled a list of desires and hopes for this new church home. There were four desires we felt particularly drawn to as we prayerfully considered a building.

  1. We wanted to find a permanent location that was central to the life of Fort Collins.
  2. We wanted space in a building that could be used throughout the week for the community.
  3. We wanted to have an opportunity to be placed more strategically in the city to reach the surrounding (and growing) communities.
  4. We wanted (needed!) more classroom space for The Town Kids.

A few months after we compiled this list, we were approached about a unique opportunity to purchase the Harmony School. We began conversations with the owners of the school and sensed God opening doors for a future home.

We believe each of the above four desires is, in many ways, fulfilled in Harmony School.

  1. Purchasing Harmony School will allow us to have a presence at the busiest intersection in Fort Collins with high visibility to the surrounding community. This area of the city is both residentially and commercially dense.
  2. Our desire to be involved and invested in the community is immediately met by the pre-school already being embedded in the function of the building Monday-Friday. We believe this building will allow us to not only invest in the pre-school families, but also open our doors to other community events.
  3. Purchasing Harmony School will place us strategically to reach out into the surrounding communities of south Fort Collins, Severance, Timnath, Windsor and Loveland. This prepares us for a future of sending out more church plants up and down the Front Range.
  4. The Town Kids will have ample room to grow as we will be able to utilize the pre-school classrooms for our Sunday morning gatherings.

We believe God is continuing to open doors for us to purchase this beautiful, historic building, allowing us to be PLANTED in the city we love. Our roots will continue to grow deeper and deeper, giving us an established PRESENCE and a sending POSTURE.

A Picture of the Future

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