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PLANTED Fasting and Prayer Guide


This week Sunday through Saturday (Dec 6-12) leading up to our Commitment Night for PLANTED, we invite you to join us in fasting from one meal each day and use that time to ask God for His leading and provision.

(If your health or life situation won’t allow you to safely fast from food, consider fasting from some other good gift.)

Many of us are new to fasting and have questions.

This is ok!

We have put together the guide below as an introduction to fasting, including a brief prayer guide.

If you plan to join us, consider letting us know anonymously HERE so we have a sense of our corporate engagement.

Friends, this is an exciting time in our church. I eagerly anticipate what our good God has planned for us!

Love you all!


David Mathis provides us with a basic definition of fasting – Fasting is voluntarily going without food — or any other regularly enjoyed, good gift from God — for the sake of some spiritual purpose.

We don’t fast to manipulate God or have others think more highly of us. We fast as an expression of our dependence upon God and deliberately making space to listen to Him in the midst of our physical hunger pangs.

Many of us are new to fasting and have many questions about it. Below are four short resources explaining the practice of fasting:

  1. HERE is a brief introduction to fasting by David Mathis.
  2. HERE is a brief explanation on the purpose of fasting by John Piper.
  3. HERE is a brief overview of fasting for particular situations by David Kakish on The Gospel Coalition.
  4. HERE is a brief overview of our motives and practical instruction for fasting by a fellow Acts 29 church in Denver (Park Church).

Consider joining us Dec 6 through Dec 12 leading up to our Commitment Night on Dec 13 to fast for one meal per day and pray for God’s leading and provision for PLANTED. And then on Dec 13 we’ll break our fast, relish God’s glory and rejoice in God’s provision!


As we pray during our fast, consider praying for some of these things:

  1. That we as a church would crave our good God more than we crave His good gifts.
  2. That God would generously provide for our financial needs in PLANTED, for His glory.
  3. That God would sensitize us to His Spirit so that we may be quick to follow Him, no matter where He leads.
  4. That God would use PLANTED to grow our faith and trust in Him.