Josh McGeehan

Pastor - Community

I am a Colorado native and grew up in Buena Vista, a town of about 2,500 people. I became a Christian my sophomore year of high school, in a local ministry.

I attended CSU and graduated with a degree in History and Education. While in college I got involved in Cru. After completing my student teaching I decided to forgo entering the education profession and decided to do a one year internship with Cru in New Zealand instead. My one year turned into seven years. It was in New Zealand that my heart grew for people who did not yet know Christ. I took many trips with Kiwis (New Zealanders) to Australia, Thailand, China, and Fiji.

It was during my years in New Zealand that I met my wife, while on furlough back in the States. We met in Buena Vista, which was also her hometown. After marriage we were in New Zealand for a short amount of time, then moved to Orlando for two years and have been in Fort Collins the last seven years working at CSU with Cru.

We joined The Town Church almost as soon as we moved to Fort Collins. I recently left the staff of Cru after seventeen years, and I am now happy to be on staff at the church helping people connect and feel cared for and welcomed.

I am a man with many interests. I like birdwatching (I have currently seen 555 species and hoping for 600 by 60!), movies, taking naps, smiling and laughing with friends!

Email: [email protected]