Week of October 18: Request for Proposal finished and sent to general contractors for the gym remodel.

Week of October 25: All general contractor site visits for the gym remodel completed.

Week of November 1: Q&A with general contractors for proposal preparations completed. Lease discussion with Harmony School completed. Progress made, but more details still need to be worked out.

Week of November 8: No big milestones.

Week of November 15: General contractor proposals received.

Week of November 30: General contractor chosen!

Week of December 6: Corporate Fasting/Prayer Dec 6-12 (Fasting and Prayer guide HERE). Prayer gathering Saturday, Dec 12 @ Harmony School (RSVP HERE).

Week of December 13: Commitment Night live-streamed (you can view the recorded version HERE). Ongoing meetings with general contractor and architect/designers.

Next Up:

  • Commitments made and fulfilled (ongoing)
  • Meetings with general contractor (ongoing)
  • Share preliminary total during gatherings: Dec 20
  • Pursue financing (TBD)
  • Closing: Feb 13