Visual Vision & Mission

God has blessed The Town Church with many talented artists. We believe they have been placed at The Town Church to be used by God in helping us communicate the truths of God to our people.

Every year we have been in existence as a church, we have worked through our Vision and Mission. We typically talk through these things in the late summer or early fall when things are settling back into a more routine schedule for families and students. Our Vision as a church is to see the gospel transform everything. We believe this vision will be accomplished through our mission as we worship God in community, love others, engage the culture and seek to make disciples of Jesus.

A few years ago we asked Andrew Steger to design four icons that would help us in remembering our mission.missionbar

Once Andrew designed these icons, we wanted to be able to use them in a way that would regularly remind us of our mission. We asked another one of our artists, Major Chisholm, to make these icons into large paintings that we could place in our sanctuary as regular reminders of our mission.Majorpainting

In August of 2012, Major revealed a new finished piece of work each week as we walked through each aspect of our mission. Week 2

Week3Week4We are thankful for the hours of work Andrew and Major have put into making our Vision and Mission a part of our regular gathered worship experience. Next time you are in our sanctuary, take time to look at each painting. There are hidden details pertaining to our mission in each piece. Find Andrew and Major and ask them to explain why they did what they did in each piece.Final

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