The Town Square (Sept. 4-Oct. 9)

Men, are you ready to use your brains to the extent that your heart will be moved? Join us on September 4th at 6:15AM for the next installment of The Town Square. The Town Square meets for 6 weeks.

We mentioned at the beginning of the year that we would alternate between reading a living author and a dead author. Starting in September we will be digging into the depths of the rich doctrinal work of John Owen (1616-1683). Some may find him difficult to read. Some may have to read and re-read sentences to make sense of his work. This will challenge all of us – but it will be a treasure for everyone who accepts the challenge. Are you up to it? You are!

1581346492The work of John Owen that we will be reading is called – Of The Mortification of Sin in Believers (written in 1656). The book has recently been updated and has been published in a more readable version called Overcoming Sin & Temptation. Unfortunately/Fortuntately, the book in its updated form has been compiled with a few other works by Owen. The only way to purchase the updated format is by purchasing the full work.

We would encourage you to purchase the book NOW and begin reading.  Begin by reading the foreword of the book, written by John Piper. Feel free to read the preface to the work by editor Justin Taylor. You could also read the introduction to the work by Kelly Kapic. The introduction is a helpful overview of the life of John Owen and his view of sin, temptation and the Christian life.

Once you get the book, please note that we will only be discussing the first work in the book called Of The Mortification of Sin in Believers.

You can purchase the book at Amazon HERE ($17.36)

The Kindle version is HERE on Amazon ($9.99)

Are you ready to be challenged? I think you are. Fasten your seat belts. Put on your helmet. Gird up your loins. Do whatever it is you need to do to be ready for our time together on September 4th.

Buy the book. Invite a friend. Encourage others to be there. It’s going to be challenging but that’s ok lil’ bud.

To RSVP for this 6 week study, click here.

**By the way, be thankful that the book has been updated. The full title of the book is Of The Mortification of Sins in Believers: The Necessity, Nature, and Means of it. With a Resolution of sundry cases of Conscience, Thereunto belonging.

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