Preparing for Worship – August 24, 2014

slideInHimTeaserThis week we begin a series on the book of Ephesians titled “In Him”. This will be a beautiful opportunity for us to see how when we are in Christ, we are brought from DEATH to LIFE. Transformed from ALIENS to CITIZENS. Brought from DARK to LIGHT. The OLD is made NEW. Though we were ONCE FAR OFF, we are brought NEAR to God.

In every chapter of Ephesians, we will see the gospel fleshed out in the person and work of Jesus. This week, we will be studying the first two verses. We will see who wrote it, who it was written to and talk about the purpose and primary themes found within. Join us as we dig deeply into this foundational piece of scripture.

Start reading the book now HERE.

To prepare to sing together, check out these helpful links:

Made Alive (Listen | Purchase)

By His Grace (Listen | Purchase)

Jesus Paid It All (Listen & Download)

How Deep The Father’s Love For Us (Listen | Purchase)

In Tenderness (Listen | Purchase)

See you on Sunday.

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