Judges (sermon series art)


On May 31st we began a series in the book of Judges. We will spend 11 weeks looking at the ongoing cycle in the book of Judges. The general nature of the cycle is something like this:

  1. The people of God do what is evil in the sight of God.
  2. The anger of God burns against them.
  3. God hands them over to an enemy.
  4. The people cry out to God (at times in repentance).
  5. God raises up a deliverer (judge) to deliver the people from the enemy.
  6. There is rest or renewal in the land.
  7. The deliverer dies.
  8. The cycle repeats.

This cycle is seen most clearly in Judges 3:7-11 with the judge Othniel. To simplify this cycle, we have shortened it – REBELLION | REPENTANCE | RENEWAL | REPEAT.

As is the case with every sermon series, we have a very talented artist (Andrew Steger) who has come up with imagery to help us remember the themes we’ll be seeing throughout the book. The image chosen for this series is a zoetrope. What is a zoetrope? Good question.

The name zoetrope comes from two Greek words for “life” and “turning.” The zoetrope was invented before film animation existed to produce the illusion of motion by displaying a sequence of drawings to show the progressive phases of that motion. This device consists of a cylinder with vertical slits cut into the side of the cylinder. Inside the cylinder is a row of sequenced images. As the cylinder spins, the viewer looks through the slits at the rotating images. The scanning of the slits keeps the images from blurring together, and the viewer sees a rapid succession of images, producing the illusion of ongoing, cyclical motion.

Here is a quick video explaining the process.

Andrew used the zoetrope image for the book of Judges to clearly communicate the ongoing cycle in the narrative – REBELLION | REPENTANCE | RENEWAL | REPEAT.

Below is the video bumper we are using to intro our series on Sunday mornings. In the video below you will see a man walking (representing God’s people). As the man walks, a burden is placed on his back which leads to confession and crying out to God. You will then notice the hand of God placing a judge in front of the burdened man, pointing forward away from the enemy. As the man follows the judge, you will notice several colored hands reaching up to distract the man (representing the sin of falling back into idol worship) – and the cycle continues.

We are thankful for the creativity of so many who are a part of the ministry of The Town Church. The work they produce is one of the ways the truth of God is communicated to us. To God be the glory!

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