3.) Creation of Humanity

This is the third piece of art for our series “We Believe.” You can see the explanation to the entire series here.

We believe that God created human beings, male and female, in his own image. Men and women are made equal in the image of God and enjoy equal access to God by faith in Christ Jesus.  Both men and women are called to significant engagement in family, church, and civic life.

Children have an immense capacity for creativity in communication through art. The elementary aged students (5 years old through 5th grade) worked for two Sundays on family portraits. They were instructed to draw their families enjoying one another, serving or participating in the community at large, or their family in the context of church life. Their 36 separate images create one large piece of artwork conveying that we all are made IN HIS IMAGE!

Artists: The Town Kids and Melody Shaddix, Cassy Reeves, Renee Rillo

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