Child Dedications

Father’s Day is coming up quickly! And for us as a church, that also means participating in the beautiful practice of child dedications.

At a child dedication, Christian parents come before the church with their child for at least three reasons:

  1. To publicly acknowledge the child is a gift from God and to ask for God’s help in raising the child.
  2. To publicly commit themselves to the task of raising their child within a Christian home by embodying the Gospel and praying God would save their child.
  3. To ask for help and prayers from the family of God in raising their child in a manner consistent with the Gospel.

When we trust Jesus to save us, God brings us into His own blood-purchased family. We are given new identities as sons and daughters of God solely due to His grace. God gives and we receive. We are wholly dependent on God’s saving work.

Child dedications rehearse this Gospel.

We receive God’s good gift of children and at the same time recognize our complete dependence upon Him to save them. As God has welcomed us into His family, we welcome our children into our church family.

Child dedications do NOT save any child – God alone does that if, when and how He chooses. And child dedications are not commanded in Scripture, even though throughout the Bible we do see a variety of ways families commit their children to the Lord. Rather, child dedications declare our commitment to raise the child in a church family that has been and is being made new by the grace of God.

If you follow Jesus and have children who have not been dedicated but would like to publicly acknowledge God’s gift and commit with us to raise the child in a manner embodying the Gospel by God’s grace, please let Liz know. 

We would love to celebrate and commit with you!

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