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God also restores!

We all face trial, hardship, pain and suffering. It comes and goes through different seasons of life. In the book of JOB we are learning this; if it comes it’s from God, and if it goes it’s from God.

Our friends, Erik & Sarah Martin were gracious enough to share their story of pain and rejoicing.


In Suffering, Is Knowledge About God Enough?

We can know much about God, but does that knowledge about God always cause us to feel like He’s near? It doesn’t, does it? In the midst of suffering it often feels like God has abandoned us.

On Sunday, Kirsten and I shared a story of our own struggle through pain and suffering. In the midst of ongoing suffering we all struggle to trust God. We are grateful to God for sustaining our faith. We are thankful that God comforts us and allows us to comfort others. God gives.

These videos are in conjunction with our current sermon series in the book of Job. You can listen to the sermons here.

In Suffering, Is God Enough?

We have been studying the book of Job together as a church. You can listen to the sermons here.  In our first week in the book of Job, we stated that one of the reasons we are studying the book together is so that we can, in some ways, normalize suffering. We all suffer – or we will all suffer at some point. Suffering is a normal part of life in this fallen world.

One of the ways we hope to communicate that suffering is all around us is by showing stories of people in our own church body. There are people all around us who are suffering through very difficult situations. This often causes us to doubt God’s sovereignty and God’s care for us. Suffering is physically, emotionally and spiritually challenging and it often causes us to ask the question – “Why?”

Our friends, Chris and Molly were gracious in sharing their story with us last Sunday. We are thankful for their gift to us in their story. We are grateful to God for sustaining their faith. We are thankful that God comforts us and allows us to comfort others. God gives.