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Young kids in worship: a helpful article

crop_16_02_21the_town_church_r141We have a multitude of children in our church which means our Children’s Ministry only has space for kids up through 4 years of age.

I’m a dad of three young kids (1, 3 and 5). Because of our space limitations, my five year old son, Elias, joins us in worship on Sunday mornings.

We mostly love this. He gets to be with our larger church family and his comments and questions later testify to him absorbing some of the content.

But this has also created a new dynamic for my wife and me (well, at least me). I have to admit that, at times, having Elias join us is really stressful, distracting and plain unenjoyable.

Is he being too loud? Why is the concept of whispering so hard for him to apply consistently? Ugh, he dropped his clipboard again! What do the people around me think of my parenting?!?

I would guess many of us can relate to some degree, whether or not you are a parent of young kids. We all still share the same space together.

I was forwarded this short article, written about these very tensions. I found it extremely helpful and encouraging. I hope you do as well.