10.) The Kingdom of God

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The first words Jesus declares when he kicks off his public ministry at his baptism are an announcement that the Kingdom of God has arrived. I often have made the mistake of equating the kingdom with some future coming reality that’s not here yet, but that’s not the message proclaimed by Jesus. Jesus taught his followers to that the kingdom is here now, and to pray that his kingdom would come here on earth just as it is in the heavenly realm. We get to experience a foretaste, a partial unveiling, of what he will complete at his return. So we live now in the tension; the kingdom is here, but not yet fully. So we work to see justice fall like rain and oppression cease, we persist in trust in our heavenly Father even when our minds and hearts cannot make sense of our experiences, and we love one another as he loved us for this very reason: we know that one day it will happen as we dream and hope. The king will come. And the king has come. 

The central figure in the kingdom of God is its king. Just as the crown reminded members of the United Kingdom in wartime to “keep calm and carry on,” so the symbol of the crown for me has been a great encouragement in life. Whatever may come, the king is on his throne, governing in wisdom. And he will come and make all things right again, just as he promised.

Artist: Pete Avery

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