Jr McGrath

Worship Director

I was born and raised in southern California (just outside Los Angeles) where I spent my childhood at the beach, at In-N-Out, and at Disneyland. Though I miss those three things, I am quite happy to have moved to Colorado in 2009 with my marvelous wife, Hannah. To sum up my life: I lived for awhile, Jesus saved me when I was 8, I started leading worship when I was 14, got cancer, got rid of cancer, went to college and completed a degree in psychology, married Hannah, worked in statistical analysis for 7 years, moved to Colorado, got two cats (Jeff Vader and Charlie Bit-Me), went back to school and became a marriage and family therapist, and now I do sundry things to occupy my time.

I enjoy gardening, watching television shows about gardening, making music, The Goonies, Star Wars, Harry Potter, Doctor Who, trivia, reading, pizza, sushi, and British new wave music.

Email: jr@thetownchurch.org